Thursday, 12 January 2012

Glenmore 24

This 50 in 52 is an expensive challenge!! Luckily there are some reasonably priced 100 milers.
 Part of my challenge was to complete 3x100 milers, Lakeland 100, west highland way (95 miles, but will add an extra 5 miles to the route!! ) and the third was going to be the utmb, but the utmb alas is not to be! I have been out there for the last 5 years and a week is really needed to make the most of the event. Its an expensive week,  the travel, entry,  hotel, transfers, food etc etc  so I needed to look for another option. The north downs way looked interesting but I thought two weeks after the Lakeland 100 was probably pushing it. Caesars camp looked a good option. Cheap no support needed and a return to Aldershot!! ( a place I haven't seen in 17 odd years since my Parachute Reg days) then I saw the date. Same bloody date as the round Rotherham aaargghh. Everything clashes this year!!. I have unfinished business at the round Rotherham ( felt pretty rough on my 2011 run of this course and believe I should of been an hour quicker) plus it's a runfurther race so the Rotherham is my preferred choice. Searching through various websites everything seemed to clash then I remembered the Glenmore 24, a few of the west highland way family had run it in 2011, I fancied it then but it was a week after the Tds (alpine race) too soon to recover. So there it was my 3rd 100 miler for the challenge. Well when I say 100 miler it's actually a 24 hour race so I'm presuming (hoping) that I'll run at least  100 miles in the 24 hours!?! the course is held at Glenmore in the Cairngorms national park the race consists of laps of a 4 mile circuit. So no support driver needed and with the route being only a 4 mile loop plenty of opportunity to refuel on the way and not having to carry anything! No tricky navigation either!! So entry is in and I'm reallyy looking forward to it!!!!
Plus I've just talked Shirley into running the 12hr Race!!!!

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