Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ultras 8 and 19

Reports coming, snowed under with Hardmoors 55 admin at moment...
Ultra no 8 was 30 miles of sand and cliftops in strong winds with Steve Walker, finished in 5hrs 50 mins
Ultra no 9 was 29.5 miles on the Golden Fleece LDWA event ( the event was supposed to be 26.5, Ill let you guess how the extra came in place) Finished it in 4hrs 50 mins....
Next week Wuthering Hike, then Hardmoors 55 followed by the week after Cleveland Survival then Blubberhouses 25 plus on the same weekend Allendale Challenge (unsure if I will do the Allendale, all to do with Work) then ............


  1. Hi Jon, just found your 50 in 52 blog. Looking forward to hearing about a load of great events. see you at Blubberhouses and Calderdale.

  2. Should add its Danny by the way (I forget about the blog/forum alter-ego sometimes), hope all is well after Hardmoors?

  3. Hi Danny
    Cheers mate. I'll bring your drop bag to blubberhouses. Nearly recovered ;0))