Sunday, 8 July 2012

Osmotherley Phoenix Ultra no 27

Osmotherley Phoenix, 33 miles 4700 feet of ascent

Great event but a pretty crap effort from myself coming in at 6 hrs 31 mins, 1 hour slower than last year.
Felt pretty tired and had some electrolyte/hydration problems leading to sickness/feeling dizzy and bad cramps. Had a great time after the race though catching up with so many freinds! next year I ll be back  to pull out

               Garry Scott and Nic Ham                                          Mark Dalton trying to get some trade ;0)

                                          Ken & Jen Wyles, Andy Norman and some ugly git

                                                        Sarah Booth, Jen & Ken Wyles

Ultra no 26 was the Hamsterley Marathon, a  27 mile trail lapped course marathon based up near Durham with a big bloody hill in the middle, very tough after the WHW the weekend before and 56 miles in between both the events!!


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