Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lakeland and other Races

Sorry but yet again I have fallen behind on my write ups, have been pretty busy setting up a new personal training business etc, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.....

I have just realised I have  missed 2 races out from before the Osmotherley Phoenix

1. 'The Sterne Encounter' An East Yorkshire LDWA event based around the Howardian Hills in Yorkshire, a pretty but very muddy route taking in some paths I think people haven't used this millennium ;0) This was the first running of the route. I ran with Mark Dalton, Danny Aldus and Andy Knowles and loved every minute of it, the route was 2 miles we covered 26 after a few wrong turnings and then with Danny and Mark we ran a further mile or so to make it an Ultra.

2. This Ultra is a bit cheeky but I don't care..  Take into account my defence! I had run the West Highland Way race (95 miles) in torrential downpours  two days before this Ultra of sorts. The ultra of sorts is 2 runs I have combined now into one. On the Tuesday evening I ran the York Summer League 10k ' The Bishop Wilton ' The Bishop Wilton  has a big climb and painful  descent on tired legs, 2 hours or so after this I ran 'The Real Relay', 2 sections which totalled 22 miles with a big bloody baton fitted with a GPS, so there you go  28 miles... I'm having that!! Oh and it bloody hurt a lot more than a 50 miler on fresh legs!!

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th saw the Lakeland 100, I'm in the middle of a write up on this race (I have started to write it in Microsoft Word and then I will copy and paste it to here, after losing the WHW write up I am not taking any risks)  My Result was 38 hours something, not pleased with that time but to be fair to myself if I had seen the blisters I had on the bottom of my foot on anyone else I would of thought there was no chance of them finishing. That's not saying I'm tough, its just saying it was a case of getting to the end in a hell of a lot of pain! anybody sensible and tough would of pulled out at Mardale! only daft buggers like me continue! Shirley completed the L100 on sod all training!! just the odd treadmill run in Saudi!! Pretty Impressive or what! she also looked a lot fresher than I did too, so too complete opposites, I was well and truly overtrained with all the Ultras (became evident 10 miles in, my knees where killing and my quads didn't want to know about any up and coming climb) While Shirley came in with no decent long training runs under her belt this year, apart from the Wadi Bih.

This Sunday I ran the Dovedale Dipper (26 miles) plus extra to make it an ultra, took just over 5 hours, beautiful route based in the 'White Peak' starting at Hartington.
I ran with David Cremmins and we caught up with Nic Ham who was feeling pretty rough after a chest infection we had a good chat (who says only women gossip!)
 I felt good until mile 21, then I started to bonk and every step was a mission. A few of us somehow missed the correct path and did an extra mile.
Dovedale is a beautiful part of the country and as a lad (here come the Hovis bit) I spent many a Sunday ambling through there with my Dad, I guess this would be 30 years ago now, never thought then Id be running through it all these years later.
 Had a great catch up with Jenny and Ken Wyles, Sarah Booth and Andy Norman afterwards plus bumped into Mark Collinson and his wife, his next big race being the UTMB, I was slightly jealous. Andy and Sarah jet off to the Pyrnees in a couple of weeks for the ' Tour des Pyrnees' (roughly translated as 'I need a new pair of Knees' 100 miles and 8000 plus metres of climb I believe?) oh and yes I am a bit jealous of that too, apart from the 8000 metres of climb bit.


BOB GRAHAM ROUND (Lakes)  Friday 17th August (65-70miles dependant of info source)
SMUGGLERS TROD (North York Moors) Saturday 25th  (26 miles plus extra)
GLENMORE 24hr (Cairngorms) Saturday 1st September (hopefully 100 miles plus, but we will see)
YORKSHIREMAN MARATHON (Haworth) Sunday 9th September (26 miles plus extra)
HIGH PEAK 40 (Peak District) Saturday 15th September (40 miles)
*SELF TRANSCENDENCE 24hr TRACK RACE ( Tooting Bec, London) Saturday 22nd September

* The Self Transcendence will hopefully be my 2013 Spartahlon qualifier, I need to complete 100k in under 10hrs 30 mins, after that my aim is to run in total over 100 miles in the 24hrs


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